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    Use our service to conduct as many searches as you need, until you pass your test without further charges.

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    We automatically search for any new cancellation, you just have to sit back and wait for one to become available.

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    If we don't find an early test date for you, we will issue a full refund. Only pay for when it works!

    With us, you can stop checking the DVSA website every few minutes in hopes of an earlier test date becoming available. There’s no need of any mobile apps or software. Simply create an account and let us do all the hard work for you!

    When we find an earlier available slot for your driving test, we will notify you immediately. You can book your next test by responding to a text, clicking on a link emailed to you or have our system book it for you automatically. If the date does not suit you, we will continue looking!


    Save money

    EDC is in the business of saving you time and money! We do this by bringing you early test dates, which in turn prevents you from wasting money on additional driving lessons. Our service costs less than a than your single average lesson!


    Don’t miss an opportunity

    Our cloud based service searches the DVSA continuously every few minutes, without fail. This ensures that whenever a slot becomes available, you be the first one to know about it. Something that wouldn’t be possible, without observing the website all day long!

    How it works?

    Simple three step process to start receiving early driving tests.
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      Book your DVSA test

      For us to be able to help you, you need to have booked your test with DVSA on their website. This will give us the chance to change your test date quickly.

    • 2

      Create your EDTC account

      Fill our form and select the center and date you prefer for your next test.

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      Sit back and relax

      We will start searching every minute for a test cancellation that meets your preference and notify you via text and mail when we find one. You can then reply with Book or wait for other search results.

    Happy clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception

    At first I was sceptical but then I saw they have a Money Back Guarantee, so I tried it. I was saved by 2 weeks of waiting for my test. Recommended!

    Elise T

    Excellent service, quick, efficient and a good price! I went from a driving test date of May to the start of April saving over 27days!!

    Charlotte Wood

    Absolutely amazing! Straight away booked me in. So happy with my purchase 🙂

    Eleanor Duncan

    Had a test booked in over a month's time and they found me one in just a weeks time.

    Lucy Haynes


    Questions we often get asked

    Can I use your services if I already have a test booked?

    Yes, you can! We will find you an early test that meets your preference and also automatically change your appointment. The former appointment will often be handed over to another test taker, so everyone wins!

    Do you work with the DVSA?

    No, we don’t. Our rescheduling services are on behalf of those who don’t have the chance to check for cancellation or won’t.

    What if you fail to find me a cancellation test?

    That’s what our full refund policy is for! We are so confident that we can find an early test date for you. However, if we fail in doing so, you can either keep searching or seek a refund.

    How will you notify me of a new test date?

    We will send you a text message and email about each new test we find. If you are okay with the date, just reply with “Book” to update your appointment. We will also send you a confirmation text that your schedule has been updated successfully!

    What are my odds of securing an early test?

    Very high with us! We help lots of early test seekers secure a shorter date for their driving test. Even when we fail to do so, we provide a quick and full money-back guarantee. So, there is nothing to lose and everything to win with EDTC!

    Can I change my test date more than once

    Of course, you can! The DVSA allows test takers to change their test date up to 6 times. However, any further changes will lead to you forfeiting your booking. That means you will need to book a new test with the DVSA. Once you are done booking, head over to EDTC to start searching for cancellations!

    How much is the practical driving test?

    The amount for a practical driving test varies due to the kind of vehicle, the time and day (whether it is a weekday or weekend), and if the taker is a disqualified candidate. However, the cost for a practical car driving test during working days is £62 when booked directly from the official site.

    How long do I have to wait between driving tests?

    At least 10 days. After that, you can book a new driving test whenever you want and start searching for a favourable date to take the test!

    Can I get a new cancellation if I fail my test?

    Yes, you can! However, you will need to book a new test with the DSVA if you failed your test, or the time and date of your scheduled test have elapsed. Once that is done, mail us to get searching until you pass. It is that simple!!

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